Of Course, the Avengers is right at the top No. 3 out of everything in including domestic, as well as international ticket sales. Although, it seems like Marvel and Disney want to obtain the number 1 position and there is a rumor right now that says they could possibly be deciding to release The Avengers: Director’s cut in theaters by the end of this summer!
The idea first appeared in a post by the infamous comicbook.com. So, we decided to send a few emails and a top Hollywood source responded. The individual said he is aware of the rumor, and he told us exclusively that this is definitely a possibility although they have not made a final decision. Hence, nothing has actually been confirmed. Marvel as well as Disney have not commended on the rumor.

To most it may sound like a move that is hardly sane. Although, in reality if you actually think about the fact that there is as much as 35 hours of brand new footage that is in the director’s cut you might reconsider. Before, the final production was completed Whedon’s film had over three hours of footage.
The insider we spoke with mentioned that the amount of footage you would be exposed to, would make re-investing to see the film worth it.
All in all, this action could ultimately give the Avengers that extra push and move them to the very top of the charts. It could even be the top grossing movie ever.