Top 5 Best Comics of All Time – Unbiased Review

Collecting comics is a big deal for many people and with the popularity of superhero movies this decade it isn’t surprising that more and more people are getting into them. Due to the fact that some people have no idea where to start when getting into comics, here is an unbiased list of the top five best comics of all time in no particular order!

Spider-Man – The Death of Gwen Stacy

This story arc did two important things in the world of comics: it showed that the hero doesn’t always win and it also ended the Silver Age of comics, paving the way for darker, more realistic stories to be told. As the name implies this story arc concerns the death of Spider-Man’s girlfriend at the time, Gwen Stacy, at the hands of one of his worst enemies.

Batman – Dark Knight Returns

Perhaps the most well known Batman story arc, these comics revolve around a 55 year old Batman coming out of retirement to deal with an even darker and grittier Gotham city. This drastic change in style laid the campy “Adam West” style Batman to rest and successfully updated the character’s image for the Modern Age of comics.

Superman – The Death and Return of Superman

A short story arc in the 90s that killed off, then revived, the most well-known superhero in the world at the time. This story arc was significant mostly due to the massive amount of mainstream media attention it gained. It is also notorious for epitomizing the “comic book characters never stay dead” theme.

Batman – The Killing Joke

Another highly popular and widely known Batman story arc. This one takes a very in depth look into not only the Joker’s past but also the psychological similarities that he and Batman share. It also features several disturbing scenes including a well known Batman related character being shot and permanently crippled.

Daredevil – Born Again

This is another situation that proves that the hero doesn’t always win. In this story arc Matt Murdock, Daredevil, is completely defeated and has his life destroyed by his archenemy, the King Pin. His fall and subsequent attempts to rebuild his life make heavy use of Christian symbolism and themes, particularly the “death and rebirth” theme, though not in a literal sense in this case. The story arc is notable for taking the Daredevil franchise from the brink of cancellation to being one of Marvel’s top sellers.